The Uniform & our relationship with Stimulus Athletic

When we started our Club in 2016, we had to move quickly to provide uniforms to our start-up Women's team.  We looked for all kinds of options but settled on something that could be done quickly and at a low cost.  As we have grown, our vision for what we want our Club to be and our identity both on and off the field have grown.  Just like any Club you know, their identity is in their kit. With a quick glance you can identify Clubs like FC Barcelona, Real Madrid, Liverpool or Manchester United.  The kit is intrinsic to their identity.  When you look around the local youth soccer scene, you will see clubs with big name kit companies but they offer very little in the way of individual identity and design.  After a while, all the Clubs just kinda look the same.  We wanted to find a kit provider that could help us set our look apart from everyone else.

We found that company to be Stimulus Athletic.

Their fully custom kits, their affordable pricing, and their ability to deliver in a very fast turn around from final design approval to ready to play was exactly what we wanted and needed.

More importantly they felt like apart of our family and our Club from the very moment they talked to us.

We are proud to use Stimulus and our families love their quality and affordability.

Check out Stimulus Athletic and see what they can do for your soccer program.  (Club, College, High School, Middle School) 

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